Message from Taylor Field
September 1, 2006, 5:31 pm
Filed under: Squat News

squat.jpgI am so happy that the novel Squat is coming out today.

I am sitting in a building that was once the site of an abandoned synagogue. ItTaylor Field is about twenty blocks from Wall Street. I used to visit people who lived here in this space through the winter. They kept warm by burning pieces of wood in a shopping cart. I am aware that many people now move through our neighborhood and are very satisfied with their new apartments. I am also aware of a group of people that still live in the shadows. They go unnoticed by the newcomers. The newcomers pass by those who are struggling and don’t even seem to notice. This book is about some of those who have gone unnoticed.

Today at our mission church, a guy shouted out to me, “Hey, you dedicated your new book to me! Thanks a lot!” The dedication says, “To those who lived in abandoned buildings and have already climbed the ladder.” In a way, he is right. This fellow used to be a crack addict and would come to our Bible study looking for help. He was always a likeable guy, but he was so needy. Now he is like an apostle. Christ has changed his life and he has helped so many people. Today he leads the worship. He really has climbed the ladder. I hope you get your copy of Squat today and read it. May it inspire you to see into the shadows and find the forgotten ones.

Taylor Field
New York, NY
September 1, 2006


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Hey Taylor! Congrats on the book coming out today. I pray that many people buy it (and read it) and come away with as much as I did. James Aaron

Comment by James

Congratulations, Taylor! May many people buy, read, and be blessed by Squat.

And may God continue to bless you every day in every way.

Your fans way over here,
HoHo and JY

Comment by Ho Ho

This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand the fading culture of the lower east side. Dr. Field has 20 years of experience and has created a page turner that would be a SHAME for you to miss.

Comment by Discoundertaker

Keep up the good work my friend.



Comment by Martin Davis

Congrats Taylor! We miss you and cant wait to read the book. I know I will recognize some of the many characters we met back then!
Peace, Lisa Rose

Comment by Russ and Lisa Rose

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