Taylor Field Interview & More Squat Reviews
September 18, 2006, 9:04 am
Filed under: Squat News, Squat Reviews

Jim Black at The Bedford Review has posted a two part interview with Squat author Taylor Field.

Read Taylor Field Interview Part One

Read Taylor Field Interview Part Two

Also, David Meigs at The Curmudgeon’s Rant has posted his review.

“Every now and again, I come across a book that that smack’s me upside the heart and Squat, by Taylor Field, really did.” 

Camy Tang of Camy’s Loft offers her review of Squat.

“This is one of the most unique books I’ve read this year. The author plunges the reader deep into a world as foreign as another country, which exists right within the inner city…[Squat] is a very interesting novel that will open readers’ eyes to the realities of the homeless. More importantly, it shapes the attitudes and motivations of Christians who’d like to help.” 

Georgian D also reviews Squat on her blog.

“As a reader, you can’t help but be touched by the reality of Squat. The book does a great job illuminating a segment of society that many people would rather overlook.”

The blog faithfiction offers their review of Squat.

“A must read to get the feel of the uncertainty and danger surrounding trying to exist in an old abandoned building, called a squat.”

Daniel Weaver has posted a review of Squat on his blog.

“Taylor Field tells a story that only an insider could tell.”

The blog Equal Excitement has also posted a Squat review.

“What I like most, and what spoke to me most, was the author’s ability to make me identify with all of these people … [Squat] will stir you to realize that you are part “Squid” and part “Bonehead” without preaching at you.”

Wren at Wren Reviews has written a review of Squat.

Pastor Field has written a compelling book. It opened my eyes even more to the hopelessness of the homeless and made a definite impact on my life.


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