Squat Book Video Podcast: Episode 5 Available
September 27, 2006, 6:44 pm
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Podcast BannerThe East Village

In this episode, you get to take a glimpse and get a feel for the East Village today, where 20-year veteran pastor Taylor Field continues to live and minister..

Every month, watch a new video podcast via your iPod or other portable media player (or watch right on your own computer screen) of author Taylor Field as he offers insights into his new novel, Squat. Filmed on location in the East Village of New York City’s lower Manhattan, get an insider’s view into the character and characters of Squat from the author of the novel himself.

iPod users can subscribe and watch via iTunes by following this link, or you can watch the new episode on your computer right now by clicking here.


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I could not put the book down. The quality of writting was excellent. It was written on so many levels,and you got the story on them all. It made me look at how I view”street people”. Did I really “see” them as real people, or as subhuman. I will never be the same after seeing them through this gifted writers eyes!

Comment by Clarence J

Art imitates life. Taylor has spent his life working with the homeless and even the proceeds of this book is going to help “Graffiti”, the organization he directs that helps the homeless.
I loved the characters. They were not cliche. They surprised me but were real enough to inspire.
I want to get a tshirt that says BONEHEAD. Squid was the focus, but every character reached me in some way. Way 2 go Taylor.

Comment by Kareem Goubran

My parents (Kareem+Theresa Goubran) LOVED this book! They have been recommending it to EVERYONE!!!

Comment by Gabrielle Goubran

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