Squat Book Video Podcast: Episode 8 Available
December 21, 2006, 5:45 am
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squatbookpod.jpgSquat Message

In this episode, Taylor reveals his intended message for Squat. “In each one of these places God’s grace came through. . .but sometimes when things are so terrible and difficult, you continue to live as a Christian, but it is a muffled victory.”

Every month, watch a new video podcast via your iPod or other portable media player (or watch right on your own computer screen) of author Taylor Field as he offers insights into his new novel, Squat. Filmed on location in the East Village of New York City’s lower Manhattan, get an insider’s view into the character and characters of Squat from the author of the novel himself.

iPod users can subscribe and watch via iTunes by following this link, or you can watch the new episode on your computer right now by clicking here.


Squat Review at Colossians Three Sixteen
December 13, 2006, 9:58 pm
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Brent Thomas has written an essay entitled An Interaction With Squat and A Meditation on Fiction on his blog Colossians Three Sixteen. The essay offers some very insightful comments about the power of fiction to communicate a message. He also offers some very thoughtful comments about Squat

Check it Out!!

Field gives a brief insight into the many hours of real-life wrestling behind them. Knowing the context in which he ministers, Field has made a point without having to explain his point. Field has succeeded in reminding why, in the right hands, fiction can be so powerful.

“The Homeless Guy” discussion with Taylor Field; Part 2
December 12, 2006, 11:21 pm
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Kathleen Popa has posted Part 2 of the discussion on issues of homelessness between Squat author Taylor Field and “The Homeless Guy” Kevin Barbieux. This discussion began after Kathleen, who posted a favorable review of Squaton her blog, interviewed Kevin, a homeless blogger from Nashville, about his perspective of Squat. Taylor was intrigued by some of Kevin’s criticism of the novel and initiated contact with Kevin which as resulted in this dialogue.

Dialogue with Taylor Field and “The Homeless Guy” Kevin Barbieux Part 2

Dialogue with Taylor Field and “The Homeless Guy” Kevin Barbieux Part 1

Original review of Squatby Kathleen Popa and critique by “The Homeless Guy”