About Squat

“We live in a squat. We don’t know squat. We don’t have squat. We don’t do squat. We don’t give a squat. People say we’re not worth squat.”

In the shadow of Wall Street’s wealth, homeless people with names like Squid, Saw, and Bonehead live in abandoned buildings known as “squats” where life is hand to mouth, where fear and violence fester. The light in Squid’s obsessive-compulsive mind’s eye is Rachel, a loving soup kitchen missionary who tells him about faith and unfaith, hypocrisy and justice, the character of God and finding identity in Him. And in the wild twenty-four-hour passage of literary time that is Squat, Squid begins to believe that his life may actually amount to something.

Squat is an exceptional book from first-time fiction author Taylor Field based on his true experiences as a missionary in San Francisco and New York. It is a novel look at twenty-four hours in the life of a young homeless New York man who, by God’s mercy, finds the treasure of himself among the inner city ruins.


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Thank you so much for sending me a copy of Squat by Taylor Field for review. I just wanted to let you know that my review of the book is up on Amazon.com as well as my blog at http://christysbookblog.blogspot.com/ Thank you again. Christy Lockstein

Comment by Christy Lockstein

Dear Pastor,
Greetings from Pakistan, Asia!
My name is Nosheen Victoria from Pakistan. I have been visiting your website for last year. It had been a good spiritual experience to visit your website. Your website helped me get conviction in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so much glad to share that this is the firs time the knowledge and information in the Scripture has touched my heart, because all what I had been listening was either superficial or had no Biblical Background. I suppose that people study and teach the Word of God just as a mere reading from it, and not profoundly.
The way you are preaching the word of God has touched my heart and purified my soul. I am moved to share the website with my friends and the relatives and the loved ones. I have also asked my friends to share the website with their loved ones, so the Scripture may be shared with any many people as is possible. I will be glad if these teachings are available in Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi for the people of Sub-Continent, who really need to learn from the Word of God, and which make the major part of the world. I am a daily visitor to the website. I hope that it would be good idea to have the new Urdu or Punjabi sermons on the website.
And if you have less infrastructure to promote the studies and the teachings in Urdu and Punjabi language, you may know that I would love to offer my services for the Lord in this translation ministry. I assure that I will come up to you expectation in the service of the translation ministry and will accomplish things: Translation, Typing, Proof Checking, Typesetting, Printing, Recordings.
You may let me share with me whatever the Lord moves you to do and accomplish for the people of Asia.
May God bless you!
In Christ,
Nosheen Victoria

Comment by Nosheen Victoria

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