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 Mercy Streets Cover

Mercy Streets
“. . . having the eyes of your heart enlightened.” Ephesians 1:18
Winner of Outreach magazine’s Best Outreach Resource of 2003 award in theTestimony/Biography category.

Taylor Field’s vision has been changed. His eyes see differently. Inner city life is to blame. The city streets, and more pointedly, the life on the city streets, has brought about an enlightenment to his eyes. He now sees life where he thought there was no life, hope where one would assume there was no hope, and beauty in the ashes of humanity. As Francis Schaeffer once observed, people are “magnificent, even in ruin.”

Mercy Streets is Taylor’s reflections on learning to see through divine spectacles. His experiences in Berlin, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and mostly New York City allow him to bring a distinct and universal perspective to ministry in the urban scene.

New York City, in all its brilliance and decadence, still represents the worst and best western civilization has to offer. And when we see with enlightened eyes, we see mercy and the God of mercy still lives on the streets.

“In almost poetic style, Field writes about meeting God while stranded in Berlin and his ministry in New York, a large and often brutal city. But it’s a city he loves and sees God in every day. . . Highly recommended.” – CBA Marketplace

“Magnificence in Wreckage. . .Field offers some profoundly moving reflections about September 11. . . Field is compelling as he shows readers that ‘no doubt boredom, indifference, addiction, and fear can walk the harsher streets of the city. But also mercy.'” – Christianity Today


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